Under the Sun Discount Market


Our Unique Pricing Ensures You Get the
Best Deal


Simple Pricing

We offer daily $1 general merchandise bins! Other GM items are priced individually.
All foods are priced using a color-coded sticker system; stickerless items are 50¢.

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Weekly Staples

Our regular, weekly schedule helps you plan your trip and ensures we are always carrying the items you need!


Offered every Saturday!


1. Choose your box.

Ask a cashier for a banana box. We have four affordable sizes to choose from!

2. Fill it up.

Fill your banana box with whatever items youplease!* Items cannot exceed the top of the box.

*Frozen and refrigerated foods not permitted.

3. Check out.

No matter what’s inside, pay just $30, $20, $10, or $5 for everything in your box!